Second Senate Immigration Hearing

FAIR’s Jack Martin and FLIMEN’s David Caulkett and Jack Oliver testified at the second Senate Immigration Hearing on January 24, 2011 in Tallahassee. Mr. Martin presented the costs of illegal immigration to Florida. David Caulkett presented the priorities for Florida as; 1) E-Verify via SB518 Verification of Employment Eligibility Act and 2) aggressive and visible Identity Theft enforcement. Jack Oliver pressed the the point that the issue all about jobs and the economy.

The Senate Judiciary Committee took the unusal step of extending the hearing by one hour as early speakers took much longer than expected. Speakers included business leaders warning about impacts of laws that would hurt business. The most emotional testimony came from Florida Immigrant Coalition Maria del Rosario Rodriguez.

Needless to say FLIMEN’s testimony received scant coverage from the lame stream newspapers which focused on statements from the business leaders and Florida Immigrant Coalition.

Two worthwile articles came from the Sunshine State News as follows:

    ‘Legal,’ ‘Illegal’ Blur at Immigration Hearing

    Without necessarily distinguishing between illegal and legal workers, the alliance hailed the “diversity” and “innovation” brought by immigrants. And the consensus was — even if illegal — foreign-born workers provide more to the state economy than they cost in social services.

    While the Chamber soft-pedaled the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants, Rodriguez passionately rejected the terminology altogether. “‘Illegal’ is the N-word of today,” she declared, contending that the U.S. workplace has devolved into an “apartheid system.”

    E-Verify Gains Support; Will It Stand Alone?

    With Florida’s only immigration-enforcement law blocked by former Attorney General Bill McCollum, state lawmakers are warming to the E-Verify employee-screening program.

January 28, 2010


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